Matura 2012 z języka angielskiego r 6

Matura 2012

Zadanie 6. (5 pkt)
Usłyszysz dwukrotnie wywiad z instruktorką jazdy samochodem. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania. Zakreśl literę A, B, C albo D. Za każde poprawne rozwiązanie otrzymasz 1 punkt.


Zadanie 6.
Interviewer: To find out what it’s like to be a female driving instructor, we spoke to Kathy. What made you decide to set up your own driving school, Kathy?
Kathy: It all started with my Dad who suggested one day that I should do an advanced driving test. I decided to have a go and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the experience and how well I did. At that time I was a sales representative, selling pharmaceuticals all over the country and I was fed up with working really hard to make someone else rich. I wanted to be self-employed and do something at which I could be an expert and I thought that since I had done so well at the advanced driving test, I might set up a driving school. Some of my friends had complained about their driving lessons so I thought that there was a chance for me. My parents were a little cautious, but I was really determined to try.
Interviewer: And are you satisfied with your career choice?
Kathy: Very much so. It offers so much variety! I’m involved in many different activities. Apart from doing driver training for beginners, I teach driving instructors, give presentations on road safety in local schools and run a new project called “National Driver Improvement Scheme”. It’s a special course which helps drivers who have had a crash to improve their driving skills. Just today, I did 2 hours’ driving instructor training
and then I went to St Helens, 30 miles away, to coach on this improvement course. And tomorrow I go back to lessons in my school. So as you see, each day is different.
Interviewer: There’s been a lot of talk about accidents caused by teenagers. What’s your opinion about young drivers?
Kathy: I think we should be concentrating on parents because people start to learn to drive from the age of 2. They watch Mum and Dad and how Mum and Dad act in the car becomes acceptable behaviour for those children. When we, at the driving school, get them at 17, and start teaching them to drive, they seem to accept our remarks and usually act accordingly. But the effect is short-lived. The moment they’ve passed the test, they immediately go back to the way of driving they’ve been used to for years.
Interviewer: What’s unique about your driving school?
Kathy: We are all trained in customer service. What I say to the customer is “I will put you with Charlie and if you’re not satisfied with him for whatever reason, ring me up and we’ll swap over”. If that pupil swaps to another instructor, the instructors will talk to each other, so there’s a bit of continuity. However, a lot of learners are scared to change instructors because even if they’ve had a bad one they are not sure that the new one will
be better.
Interviewer: What plans do you have for the future of your business?
Kathy: Well, basically, I want to be not so much the biggest, as the best driving school in Merseyside. I am looking to expand, but it will be on a one-at-a-time basis. I want my instructors to be satisfied so they don’t want to leave. I want to ensure that they’re really busy, so I won’t take on anyone else unless I know I can provide a new instructor with enough work and also keep the old instructors busy. What’s most significant to me is giving pupils quality service so they follow the highway code, respect pedestrians and do not exceed the speed limit. It can’t be the matter of just passing the test.
Interviewer: Thanks Kathy, it’s been great talking with you.

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6.1. Kathy decided to set up her own driving school because she
A. lost her job as a sales representative.
B. was advised by her father to do so.
C. had many self-employed friends.
D. wanted to be her own boss.

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6.2. As far as Kathy’s work is concerned, she
A. needs to improve her driving skills constantly.
B. refuses offers of work outside her home town.
C. trains drivers who were involved in a collision.
D. prefers not to work with beginner learners.

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6.3. In Kathy’s opinion, after passing the driving test young drivers
A. begin to correct the way their parents drive.
B. adopt previously observed patterns of driving.
C. do their best to imitate the skills of their driving instructors.
D. need many years to drive according to what they were taught.

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6.4. In Kathy’s driving school
A. learners swap instructors willingly.
B. she chooses an instructor for her learners.
C. learners are trained by a few instructors as a rule.
D. instructors lose their job if a learner is dissatisfied.

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6.5. With reference to the future of her company, Kathy’s priority is to
A. teach learners how to drive safely.
B. employ new, better-trained instructors.
C. see to the rapid expansion of the school.
D. increase the number of learners passing tests.

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