Matura 2011 z języka angielskiego r 4

Matura 2011

Zadanie 4. (5 pkt)
Usłyszysz dwukrotnie informację o wykładzie znanej podróżniczki, Ann Bancroft. Zaznacz znakiem X, które zdania są zgodne z treścią nagrania (T – True), a które nie (F – False). Za każde poprawne rozwiązanie otrzymasz 1 punkt.


Zadanie 4.
One of the world’s pre-eminent polar explorers comes to Wright State University on Friday to share her experience of leading several expeditions to such remote places on Earth as Antarctica, Greenland and the Northwest Territories in Canada. Ann Bancroft, who is the first woman in history to reach both the North and South Poles on skis, will give a free, public lecture on the Dayton campus. The lecture will be a part of the university program to promote women’s unusual achievements and to inspire women to pursue their individual dreams. After the lecture Bancroft will be promoting her new book. All proceeds from sales will be donated to a university fund providing scholarships to talented female students. Ann Bancroft is also currently an instructor for Wilderness Inquiry, which is an organization that runs outdoor events for disabled people and helps them enjoy the wilderness all year round.

The lecture will also be an occasion to promote another event taking place next weekend. The Adventure Summit, now in its fourth year, is an annual public event celebrating the spirit of outdoor adventure. The Summit will include exhibitions, presentations and workshops on outdoor activities and lifestyles. There will be a first aid workshop, a climbing competition, a swimming championship, a bicycle race and a garden party with stalls selling refreshments and organic food. All events, with the exception of the kayak and climbing competition, are free of charge so outdoor enthusiasts of all ages are invited to join the event.

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4.1. During the lecture Ann Bancroft is going to encourage women to join her next expedition.

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4.2. The money collected during the event will go to a charity run by Ann Bancroft.

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4.3. One of the organisations Ann co-operates with helps handicapped people.

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4.4. The Adventure Summit is an initiative taking place for the first time.

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4.5. There is a charge for some competitive events during the Adventure Summit.

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