Matura 2010 z języka angielskiego r 5

Matura 2010

Zadanie 5. (5 pkt)
Usłyszysz dwukrotnie wypowiedź o pewnym zdarzeniu. Na podstawie usłyszanych informacji zdecyduj, które zdania są zgodne z treścią tekstu (T), a które nie (F). Zaznacz znakiem X odpowiednią rubrykę w tabeli. Za każde poprawne rozwiązanie otrzymasz 1 punkt.


Zadanie 5.
Most stories you hear on the radio or TV can really get you down. I mean, all they tell us about are terrorist attacks, murder, corruption or disease. But our station is different. Yesterday I was hosting a phone-in programme about language use and I heard a very amusing story.

It was about a policeman watching the traffic on a highway. He saw a brown delivery truck go by below the minimum speed limit. The truck belonged to UPS, you know, the company that delivers parcels. And the policeman felt that there was something odd about the truck, but he didn’t know exactly what it was. So he followed it and then suddenly he remembered. On the side of their trucks, UPS paints the slogan, “Synchronizing the world’s commerce.” Not brilliant, and certainly not catchy, but the policeman noticed that the word ‘synchronizing’ was spelled with an ‘i’ instead of a ‘y’.

That made him look at the truck with fresh eyes. He noticed that the license plate had a valid UPS-truck number, but it seemed kind of home made. So he decided to take action. And guess what happened when he was trying to pull the truck over! The driver left the car and ran away. That made the policeman really suspicious. No UPS truck driver would abandon a truck just for being pulled over! In the end it turned out that the truck was fake, and
instead of parcels, it was filled with almost a ton of drugs. The driver hasn’t been found yet.

What makes the story so wonderful is that the policeman noticed the incorrect spelling of ‘synchronizing’ first. If you were producing a fake truck, shouldn’t you check your spelling as well? That’s an important lesson for everybody. Maybe all those people who say you don’t need to learn grammar or spelling because the computer will do it for you, are not right after all.

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5.1. The speaker believes her story may have a depressing effect.

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5.2. The policeman followed the truck because it was speeding.

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5.3. The speaker does not consider the UPS slogan attractive.

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5.4. The number on the license plate of the truck was correct.

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5.5. In the story, a spelling mistake helps to arrest a criminal.

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