Matura 2009 z języka angielskiego r 7

Matura 2009


Zadanie 7. (5 pkt)
Przeczytaj poniższy tekst. Z podanych możliwości odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu. Zakreśl literę A, B, C lub D. Za każdą poprawną odpowiedź otrzymasz 1 punkt.

Alice and John were on their way home from visiting their oldest daughter in college. They had only stopped so John could stretch his sore back. Alice had been sleeping the entire drive, or pretending to sleep, while thinking about all of the money they had given their daughter as a loan. They had secretly had to abandon the idea of a small vacation so she could retake her algebra in the summer.

The old woman running the roadside antique stand approached John’s wife and spoke with a heavy eastern accent. Her stand consisted of one green table, overwhelmed with useless things from the past. Heavy, iron mementos. She pushed a brass teapot into Alice’s hands. The transparent skin on her arms swung with the pace of her tiny motions.

“Thank you,” Alice responded politely, not knowing what else to say. On the drive home they argued about money. Wasted money. With two children in college, neither having been able to maintain their scholarships, not only was John and Alice’s retirement shrinking but also their ability to make ends meet. There had been mention of a second mortgage.

After the car pulled up to their house each went to collect a suitcase. John slammed Alice’s finger in the trunk, accidentally, before she could snatch her hand away.
“I’m sorry….” He started to say as he took her hand to kiss it. A clanging came from inside the car. Like someone tapping on a brass kettle.

When Alice’s finger stopped throbbing she picked up the teapot, removed the top and saw that inside were five quarters.

“Practically paid for itself,” she remarked.
Still, John was annoyed when she insisted on setting it on the stove. He got even more annoyed one morning when Alice decided to make coffee using the brass teapot.
“The electric one’s broken,” she reported. John watched her, as she clumsily boiled water and added coffee grounds.

“I’ve never done it this way,” she said, stirring with a plastic spoon that bent in the heat. John tried to show her the right way to do it, but it was too early to be giving orders.
Neither was in a good mood until they had coffee and breakfast.

“You’ve got to stir it like this,” he said, putting a metal spoon in the depths of the teapot. She looked away, like she always did when John was correcting her.

“No you don’t!” she snapped. She pushed his hand out of the way, causing the pot to lurch and send the boiling mixture onto John’s exposed wrist. He yelled and poked at the tender pink skin until his wife brought him an ice pack.

“It’s going to blister,” she said, applying the ice. He nodded and the two didn’t speak until after she poured the coffee for each of them. With his last gulp of coffee, just before he was going to stand up and kiss his wife goodbye, John found something floating in his mouth.

“Did you wash this thing out?”

“Of course. It’s clean.”
He pulled out some paper that had stuck to the roof of his mouth. It was a two-dollar bill.
“What the hell is this then?” he asked.
They both bent over the kitchen table where John laid the bill out to dry. Neither of the two could explain the presence of the money except to say that Alice must have missed it somehow when she was cleaning, though she swore she had scrubbed every angle of the brass teapot.

adapted from The Brass Teapot by Tim Macy

7.1. John and Alice changed their holiday plans
A. to be able to visit their daughter.
B. due to John’s problem with his back.
C. because of their child’s school problems.
D. as they weren’t able to get a loan.

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7.2. Alice thanked the woman politely for the teapot because she
A. considered it a nice memento of the trip.
B. needed one for her kitchen stove.
C. knew it would prove useful.
D. wanted to behave tactfully.

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7.3. John and Alice were running out of money because
A. one of them had recently been made redundant.
B. their children depended on them financially.
C. their salaries were getting smaller and smaller.
D. they were spending a lot on two mortgages.

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7.4. John and Alice had an argument in the kitchen because
A. John was trying to instruct Alice how to make coffee.
B. the teapot broke when being used for the first time.
C. Alice hadn’t washed the teapot before using it.
D. the teapot was leaking and John burnt his hand.

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7.5. In the story, the money always appears in the teapot after
A. Alice does something that hurts John.
B. either John or Alice suffers pain.
C. John criticises Alice for her behaviour.
D. John and Alice hurt each other on purpose.

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