Matura 2011 z języka angielskiego 3

Matura 2011

Zadanie 3. (5 pkt)
Usłyszysz dwukrotnie wywiad z nastolatką, która jest znanym fotografem. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania. Zakreśl literę A, B lub C. Za każde poprawne rozwiązanie otrzymasz 1 punkt.


Zadanie 3.

Interviewer: Today in our studio I’m talking to Eleanor Hardwick, a fifteen-year-old teenager who has already photographed some top fashion models. Eleanor, when did you start taking photographs and how did you become interested in fashion photography?
Eleanor: I started taking photos when I was eight. I began with taking pictures of my dolls, teddy bears and puppies. I only had a simple, cheap camera I got from my older brother for my birthday. Soon my parents realised photography was my passion, so I got a new camera for Christmas, this time a professional one. I started taking part in photography competitions but with no success. Then, about three years ago I got interested in fashion photography.
Interviewer: So, how did you get started in the profession?
Eleanor: Well, I put my photos on a number of websites. Two years ago I got the first response. It was from the BBC. They wanted to use one of my photos. Then, a gallery from Bristol contacted me, but I had too little time to do an exhibition for them. And then, last August, I gave an interview to a fashion magazine. Some people from show business read it and soon I started to get more offers and clients. I was really surprised that suddenly so many people got interested in my work.
Interviewer: On your Internet site you show a great variety of photos. But what do you like photographing the most when you are not at work?
Eleanor: Ever since I was little, I’ve never had much interest in landscapes. I suppose a famous landmark, such as the Eiffel Tower, can only be photographed in a few ways, but every person is different and keeps changing all the time. So even when I’m on holiday, I photograph mostly local people’s faces and their everyday life rather than the palm trees and scenery around.
Interviewer: I really liked your photographs of Africa. Did you go there to do a photo session?
Eleanor: Not really. It was a family holiday. We had a lot of fun, did a lot of sightseeing together and we got to know many wonderful people who live there. We’re still in touch with them, we write emails to each other and are planning our next holiday together.
Interviewer: You’ve already worked with some top fashion models. What is it like?
Eleanor: It’s wonderful to work with professional models as you can really see how well they pose. They really understand what I’m trying to get in the photograph. And even if they’re sad or unhappy, they can smile and perfectly express the emotions I want them to show.
They never complain and they always put on the clothes I ask them to wear even if they look funny or strange in them.
Interviewer: Eleanor, thank you very much for talking to us.

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3.1. In childhood, Eleanor
A. got her first camera for Christmas.
B. photographed her toys and pets.
C. won her first photo competition.

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3.2. Which event was the most important one for her career?
A. a magazine interview
B. an exhibition in Bristol
C. an offer from the BBC

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3.3. On holiday, Eleanor likes taking photos of
A. beautiful landscapes.
B. tourist attractions.
C. ordinary people.

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3.4. When Eleanor was in Africa, she
A. made many new friends.
B. did some sightseeing with her old friends.
C. had a photo session with her family.

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3.5. Eleanor likes working with fashion models because they
A. always show their real emotions.
B. do exactly what she wants them to do.
C. bring their own unusual clothes.

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