Matura 2007 z języka angielskiego r 7

Matura 2007


Zadanie 7. (5 pkt)
Przeczytaj poniższy tekst, z którego usunięto pięć zdań. Wstaw zdania oznaczone literami A – F w luki 7.1. – 7.5. tak, aby powstał spójny i logiczny tekst. Jedno zdanie podane zostało dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej luki. Za każdą poprawną odpowiedź otrzymasz 1 punkt.


Rob Orchard and Marcus Webb check out this season’s hottest new ski resort It’s 35 degrees outside and it’s just started to snow. Not content with temperaturecontrolled beaches and a manmade archipelago, the sun-baked emirate of Dubai has decided to introduce Alpine weather into the desert. 7.1. ______ Two weeks ahead of its scheduled opening date of 2 December, we have been invited for a sneak preview.
As we pass through the entrance a rush of glacial wind pushes itself to the base of our lungs and we feel the crunch of fresh snow underfoot. 7.2. ________ Two young men having a snowball fight, fir trees hanging heavy with frost and a handful of black-coated visitors trudging up a steep, snow-white hill like a pack of penguins. Central to this snapshot of wintry perfection are two Emiratis in white robes kneeling in eight inches of powder, letting snow run through their fingers and giggling at the sheer insanity of it all.

Even in this endlessly ambitious city, taking temperatures of up to 45°C down to below zero seemed crazy. 7.3. ________ It’s currently engaged in a number of surreal super projects: building the first ever underwater hotel; constructing a theme park that’s larger than the city itself; and erecting the tallest tower in the world – the Burj Dubai, whose height is a closely guarded secret. Next year will see the opening of the Palm Island project, a vast manmade archipelago stretching into the Persian Gulf. For Dubai, ‘moderation’ is a dirty word.

Ski Dubai juts out of the Mall of the Emirates – the largest shopping centre outside the States – like a giant metallic elbow. Just off Dubai’s main motorway, the tube-like structure is far from pretty, an unusual blip in this aesthetically conscious city. 7.4. ________ Craning our necks to take in the cavernous 22,500 square metre space, we trudge around mountains and igloos to the foot of the complex’s five-slope arena. Unlike the snow park – the
ski-free area at the foot of the hill – the slopes are not yet open to the public and the sight of this pristine white carpet sweeping upwards and out of view is eerie and intimidating.

7.5. ________ Yet within a fortnight this virgin snow will be being carved up by 1,500 skiers and snowboarders. We reach the mid-point smiling but out of breath. It’s home to the Avalanche Cafe, a balconied chalet which will soon be warming weary skiers with fondue, hot chocolate and the dubious pleasures of non-alcoholic mulled wine. For now this is as far as we are allowed to go, but around the corner, at the very top of the 85-metre high building, lies Ski Dubai’s longest run.

Abridged from:

A. But this is a city that refuses to be limited by such trifling matters as logic, physics or geography.
B. Thankfully, once Ski Dubai is open the snowmaking sessions will take place only during the night.
C. As we trudge past abandoned snowmobiles and a colossal chairlift hung with icicles, the feeling is more ice-age apocalypse than hot new resort.
D. But inside it’s a wonder.
E. Before us lies a scene ripped straight from a Christmas card.
F. The location of this meteorological oddity is Ski Dubai, the third largest indoor slope in the world.

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