Matura 2007 z języka angielskiego r 4-5

Matura 2007


Zadanie 4. (5 pkt)
Zapoznaj się ze zdaniami podanymi w tabeli. Usłyszysz dwukrotnie ogłoszenie na temat obozu młodzieżowego. Zdecyduj, które zdania podane w tabeli są zgodne z treścią tekstu (TRUE), a które nie (FALSE). Zaznacz znakiem X odpowiednią rubrykę w tabeli. Za każdą poprawną odpowiedź otrzymasz l punkt.


Zadanie 4.
…and finally, here’s an announcement for those of you who will be answering questions about Charnwood camp. As you probably know, 3,000 people will be coming to our international scout camp. You will have to contact groups who register on our website. And next week you will be holding meetings for parents and guardians. So here are the main points once again.

First of all, the equipment. If groups want to bring their own camping equipment, that is fine. If they are coming from further away and can’t carry much, then we can provide whatever they need, but remember we must be informed at least a month before the camp. You can imagine that with so many campers, it may sometimes take time to track everything down!

Secondly, there are two catering options. If groups wish to cater for themselves, we can supply cooking equipment. We can also hook them up with a local group with whom they can share cooking. They don’t have to worry about carrying their own food, either. We’ll have a provisions service on camp that will supply everything the scouts may need. The additional cost of having equipment and food provided will be £50 per person.

As for camp activities, we are anticipating numerous on-site events including bonfires and disco nights. Campers can also take part in sightseeing trips to nearby tourist attractions. The cost of all activities is published on our website.

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4.1. The announcement is addressed to an information office team.

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4.2. Groups bringing their own camping equipment must inform the organizers on arrival.

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4.3. Campers will have to share cooking with another group.

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4.4. Food and cooking equipment are included in the price of the camp.

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4.5. The organizers have planned some off-site activities for the participants.

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Zadanie 5. (4 pkt)
Zapoznaj się z poniższymi zdaniami. Usłyszysz dwukrotnie opinie czterech osób na temat graffiti. Przyporządkuj każdej osobie (5.1.-5.4.) jedno ze zdań (A-F). Dwa zdania podane zostały dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej wypowiedzi. Za każdą poprawną odpowiedź otrzymasz l punkt.


Zadanie 5.
Interviewer: A judge in Manchester sentenced two young men to 10 months’ youth detention for tagging, that is spraying their signatures onto buildings, trains and bridges. He said he hoped it would deter others. I went to one of London’s graffiti hotspots to ask people if jail was the best way to deal with such problems.

Speaker one
Graffiti is a positive form of expression and I believe it does in fact brighten up the grey concrete urban environment. I think it’s a wasted talent and by no means should incur a custodial sentence. Give the young people somewhere to be more creative, hold competitions. Why shouldn’t the place be colourful?

Speaker two
Tagging should be punished, it has no artistic qualities and it makes a mess of the environment in which it exists. In our area, you see the same few tags time and time again on any available surface. If left, it suggests that anti-social behaviour is tolerated here. People then start to feel unsafe. Older people in particular find graffiti very upsetting.

Speaker three
Of course they should be jailed. It really does make my blood boil when people suggest that tagging brightens up a grim, grey street. As with anything in life, if you don’t own it, don’t abuse it. I have no problem with art of any description, but it should be done on or in private property. If not, you are clearly an offender and you should be dealt with accordingly. If we excuse this because it ‘looks nice’ where will it end?

Speaker four
Sending someone to jail for vandalism seems a bit harsh to me. The punishment has to fit the crime. It might be more useful to society if they were made to clean up the mess at their own cost. Make the taggers clean up double the area that they tagged and do something useful for the community. They should also be warned that if they are caught again then the punishment will be double the area that they cleaned the last time.

Adapted from: uk

A. Working for local people might be a more appropriate solution.
B. Locking people up for vandalism will only alienate them further.
C. Tagging has no artistic qualities, but real graffiti can be beautiful.
D. Tagging brings a threatening feel to the area.
E. The law is the law and there should be no exceptions.
F. Graffiti which is admired as genuine street art should be encouraged.

5.1. SPEAKER 1

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5.2. SPEAKER 2

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5.3. SPEAKER 3

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5.4. SPEAKER 4

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