Matura 2006 z języka angielskiego r 9

Matura 2006


Zadanie 9. (4 pkt)
Zapoznaj się z treścią zadania. Usłyszysz dwukrotnie zapowiedzi czterech programów telewizyjnych (9.1.-9.4.). Na podstawie usłyszanych informacji przyporządkuj jedno zdanie (A-G) do każdego programu i wpisz odpowiednie litery do tabeli. Trzy zdania podane zostały dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnego programu. Za każdą poprawną odpowiedź otrzymasz l punkt.



Zadanie 9.
…and this week we’ll be broadcasting a few documentaries really worth watching. Let me now present some of them:

For some 20 years and on stages all over the world, actress Prunella Scales has played the part of Queen Victoria in a unique one-woman show. The show is based on diaries written by Victoria herself throughout her long life.
Here, in this programme, Prunella aims to deepen our understanding of the Queen still further as she goes on a journey to discover more about the person she has played for so long. From Balmoral to the Isle of Wight, in royal palaces and private homes, Prunella meets historical experts and descendants of those who knew the Queen. What emerges is not the granite-faced and unamused monarch of legend but a more complex, more passionate and more surprising woman altogether.

About 260 years ago Bonnie Prince Charlie triggered the last land battle in Britain. In this episode father and son presenters, Peter and Dan Snow, follow his tracks as he
marched an army from Scotland all the way to Derby and was then chased back for the final confrontation on Culloden Moor. As Peter reveals with the help of cutting-edge graphics how close Prince Charles came to success, Dan goes on a night march and sees how, without the aid of modern technology, the troops of Bonnie Prince Charlie made a fatal error on the eve of the battle.

Terry Jones takes us on a tour of the Middle Ages destroying old myths and discovering extraordinary stories of real people. Were the outlaws really like Robin Hood and were the sheriffs all evil and corrupt? Terry discovers that sheriffs were actually pen pushing bureaucrats, and the greatest threat to law and order in the Middle Ages were gangs of upper crust outlaws terrorising the country for the sole purpose of getting rich quickly. But those same outlaws died heroes just like Robin Hood. As you will see, the story is not just a black and white tale of goodies and baddies.

She has her own bodyguards and lives in Paris in a humidified, air-conditioned box protected by triplex bullet proof glass. She is Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Alan Yentob tells the story of how the Mona Lisa came to be the most famous work of art in the world. It’s a tale full of notoriety, glamour and intrigue as the Mona Lisa is abducted, vandalised and exploited across the centuries. With the help of leading scholars and original research, Alan also finally solves the central mystery of the Mona Lisa, who she is and why she’s smiling.

abridged from:

A. This is a story of a victory that was near but never came true.
B. You will find out someone’s identity.
C. You will learn how famous works of art are created.
D. A number of legends from the Middle Ages are presented in this programme.
E. This programme presents a surprising picture of a medieval society.
F. You will gain a new insight into someone’s personality.
G. This programme shows how Bonnie Prince Charlie won one of his battles.


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